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When I came across Julia’s account I was SO ecstatic! As someone who has a old obsession with her plants but it still learning how to best take care of them, investing in a consultation with Julia was what I needed. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to plants and really breaks everything down in a digestible way. Not only did she give me advice and tips, she summarized it all for me and sent me the notes so I wouldn’t forget! If you’re in need of some plant advice, I would 100% recommend Julia


I am SO thankful that I decided to book a virtual consultation with Julia! I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the information available on the internet, and she did an amazing job simplifying it to make it easily understandable and adaptable to my lifestyle.

I learned so much about my specific plants, care tips & tricks, repotting, pests - and how to best care for my plant children during an upcoming move!

Overall, she is just so so knowledgeable and easy to talk to, like can we be friends? Thanks for everything!


I was so happy to find Julia as I really needed someone to help with my plants and tell me what I was doing right and wrong! We did a plant consultation and then set up a repotting session for three of my plants. She gave me so much valuable info about my plants, did a phenomenal job at repotting and even offered to take me to her favourite garden centre. Julia is professional and beyond nice (she offered to get me a cutting of a rare plant and if you propagate, you know that’s a BIG deal!). Her love of plants is very real and she’s amazing at what she does. Wishing you nothing but success in the future, Julia!


Julia was a HUGE help! Many of our plants (big & small) were root bound and in need of repotting. Some of them also had pests we didn't know how to treat. Julia was able to solve all our problems and provided lots of expert advice. The Plant Guide she provided after the visit is invaluable and we're so glad we invested in her services. Our plants are soo happy and we can happily report they all survived the repotting :) Thanks Julia!


I was more new to the plant world when I had a consultation with Julia and she was so kind and heard me out about my concerns and gave me amazing advice. I learned a lot from her and continue learning a lot from her from her posts. She is seriously the best and I’ve even been taking notes of other plants questions I have and plan on getting another virtual consultation in the future!